Wedding Guide


Samsung Electronics asked us to develop apps to be included in an app basket to be used to market new devices to the Hungarian market. The challenge was to come up with ideas which would be popular with a broad demographic group.


We were asked to visit Samsung to test our apps on all possible Samsung devices, since Android apps are not always fully functional across all Android devices and it was essential that these apps would work on all Samsung devices. Our testing found that three devices did not operate the apps fully and so we went back to work on the apps. This was a really valuable experience in terms of testing and we use practices we gained during this project in testing your standard app packages.


Under 20 apps were selected by Samsung to compose their marketing basket and so we were proud that two of them were the Wedding Guide and the Baby’s Coming app. These apps allow users to plan the many different aspects of their wedding or baby’s arrival on the go, without their computer or notebooks, via their device. The graphics we chose were what appeals closely to the Hungarian market, but the functionality could be redesigned again and again with different aesthetics to appeal to different markets. We have used these in our own families and can vouch for their usefulness in stressful planning situations.

Wedding Guide