Twirly Trinkets


The request was made by a handmade jewellery maker, Penny to create an ecommerce iOS app for her online store. To compete the challenge, we had to design a girly, bright app to match Twirly Trinkets’ current design and to match up with the request of her client base’s needs. Her main conditions regarding the app’s content were UX design and Paypal payment. Besides that it was our responsibility to create the perfect structure and plan for the app.


Most of her clients are young women with a characteristic taste when it comes to jewellery and the app needed to fit their expectations. To achieve that, we used Twirly Trinkets’ current logo and style to create each design element and add them on a light and transparent base.


We managed to create a girlish and super easy to use ecommerce facility, which represents Penny’s brand and satisfies her customer’s needs. The development of the app is done and we are waiting for the payment details from our client to publish the app on the App Store.

Twirly Trinkets