Playboy DJ


Marquard media (publisher of Playboy, Joy, Men’s Health) asked for us to work with them again, this time commissioning us to implement an interactive leisure/entertainment app which would maximise their magazine subscriptions and reader loyalty to the Playboy brand. It was very important that the branding and appeal of Playboy were closely reflected in the app.


Viktoria Metzker, DJ and former Playboy model, was selected as the face of the first playboy app in the app store and we developed an app which plays Viktoria’s full DJ album via media player or the app itself, and includes Viktoria’s biography, gig listing, photo gallery and videos.


We were very happy with the results of this project and were very proud to develop the first playboy app in the app store. The resulting app communicates Playboy glamour in a contemporary format, which Playboy were very keen to accomplish.