Men's Health push ups


Marquard Media (publisher of Playboy, Joy, Men’s Health) instructed us to implement interactive personal trainer apps for the Men’s Health magazine app to engage their readers in their personal training, maintain the magazine’s supportive and motivational relationship with the readers and maximise magazine subscriptions. This was the first app which we developed for the iPhone 5.


We developed a motivational, interactive, personal trainer app which designs men’s personal training programmes for push ups, records exercises upon completion and graphically represents this information, which the user can then share by facebook, email etc. Users can choose from 3 different training plan levels: beginner; advanced or professional. The selected plan then designs the training programme in detail with the number of pushups per reps and total number of reps. The timer function counts down 30 seconds rest time between reps, ensuring the optimum safety and results for the app user.


This app is a really good example of a business looking at what they can offer to their customers in addition to their purchased products without generating additional work or cost after the app development. The strong branding and practicality of this app appeal strongly to Men’s Health readers, it really stands out in terms of how a very simple app idea can engage, retain and benefit existing and new customers alike.