Jewellery Trader


Every second-hand jewellery trader has two main struggles: selling out old stocks and finding specific items requested by customers. Experiencing this first hand and being fed up with this struggle, our two trader clients decided to put some innovation into the market. They wanted to create a trade platform, which had to be built to their profession’s specific needs. This solution can save hours of browsing through the internet and calling up every trader friend in search for an item.

Jewellery Trader


As this project was a whole new idea, with no ready concept or design, we had to create a brand with the clients from scratch. We created two different registration forms, so that the app has a separate system for professional traders and public users. This led us to the best solution to boost both the business to business trade and the possibility to create a trade platform which can be ideal for non-professional buyers. To support this trading platform, we also had to create a strong admin to support and give the clients the ability to manage it.


As a result, a dynamic and innovative trading tool came to life, which started its popularisation in a high speed and became ready to sail on the wild waters in just a couple of weeks after its launch in the store.