iChing 2.0


Divination apps are an extremely popular ‘guilty pleasure’ for many app users as a means of seeking comfort and asking advice during life’s turning points. We wanted to develop an accessible and clear divination app for purchase based upon the Chinese iChing, or Book of Changes as a fun and interactive daily introduction into the iChing system.

iChing 2.0


We developed an app which tosses iChing coins to form lines of destiny. Customers can then choose a line which provides them with advice or motivational support, which they can store in their archive. Three options of situation, to do and result can be chosen from, customers can read more about iChing and how to use it in their personal development and can find links to similar apps such as our Tarot app.


The result is an appealing, entertaining, user friendly and thoughtful direction app, from which we learnt a great deal about app user behaviours and purchasing attitudes.