Castle School of English


We launched our first standard app package for a Brighton language school. The standard brief includes utilising the company’s existing branding, website and facebook content to provide students with an app which provided succinct information with which to make bookings, efficient access to contact information for pre-booking enquiries and post-enrolment questions/problems, facilitated easier first day enrolment, increased student engagement with social media, updated students with weekly social events and activities and engaged and supported students through their educational journey.


Not satisfied with the results of standard industry use of hybrid web technology for apps we took the innovative decision to use native technology. We implemented the design and content from the existing website and the facebook content is from the company facebook page. The school was issued with an email address to submit their newsletter content which is processed and posted by us immediately upon receipt.


An informative and user friendly app for Android and for IOS, free for students to download and with many opportunities for the school to use to maximise student welfare support, received customer service and student engagement.