Archer & Archer Design

Archer & Archer Design


In order to capture the visitor’s heart, we needed to create a stunning design portfolio site, which escalates our client’s website out from the competitors. Rather than trying to make the website SEO orientated and stand in line with the other 10,000 design portfolios found in Google, we decided to create something for the users itself. The challenge was to create a beautiful and unique website which you won’t forget. The aim is to raise quality over quantity.

Archer & Archer Design


To achieve the aim given to us, we created a unique structure for the loading page and decorated it in a colourful yet tasteful way. As there were not much written content to work with, the main focus of this page become the design and navigation itself. On the other pages, in order to keep the same quirky features, we created the top navigation by cutting out the top of the main page. Therefore, the home page become a useful and refined design element in every page of the site.


With the help of a great structure, glamorous design and modern effects, we are proud to say that Archer & Archer Design become a truly unique and attractive portfolio which will definitely not be forgotten by the viewers.