‘My software is already out and used and I love but I just realised that I still want to add this and that. Now what?’

Upgradeable software solutions

Websites and apps are rarely ever stay the same for years. You might have changes and extra functions which you wish to add in no time after the first release as from the feedback of your users, you realise what might be better in a different way or what do they miss. You might also decide after some time that you wish to expand further or just want to change orientation and do not want to start the whole development from scratch.

If you work with a software development business who is not flexible to do adjustment works or have completely disappeared with the software codes, you would have to start the whole development process from the very beginning, which takes more time and money than building on a ready base.

At App4grabs we always welcome our clients new development ideas. We consult with you what you wish to modify or expand and give you a time and price estimate on the changes. After that the work starts and your new, expanded software will be out in no time.