Not sure whether your software idea is really what you need or can afford? Want to know how a software can benefit your business? You have a unique idea which you want to make sure your developer fully understands and not just sends you a package price for something you what it contains?

Obligation-free meeting and idea consultation

If your answer to any one of these questions is yes, then you agree with us that face to face consultation is essential to talk through details and understand the concrete needs of your business. On this meeting you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you might have, so to get the most out from our talk, we suggest you write the important points of your questions to make sure you do not leave anything out. If you miss a question or two even with preparing, do not worry. Just send us an email with your questions and we answer those too.

After the introductions and questions, ideally we come up with a development plan together which suits both of us on this meeting. We write down what your app needs to contain, what are optional features depending on the price, how will the user experience look like and talk through the design plan.

Finally not long after the meeting we send you an email which sums up what we discussed in our talk and attach our time and cost estimate as well as important information on what providers you are going to maintain your app.