We all know how important online shopping is nowadays. The first place we look up something we really want is the internet. It’s way too convenient not to use it. That’s why it’s so important to have an online presence with online shopping opportunities if you run a shop or a store chain.

But why have my own ECommerce website while I can just sell on Ebay or Amazon?

How can eCommerce websites make your business successful?

The answer is easy. Selling on your own site is way more cheaper. It’s a one time cost to get your own online store and only require small amount of money to keep it up yearly. On the other hand, these large sites have listing fees, final value fees and on Amazon even closing fees. You can lose 10-30% of the selling price which means you have to sell your products at a more expensive price to gain the same amount of profit you need.

And even if I create my own online web shopping site, how can I find customers to use it?

That is probably the hardest part in the whole process. The best way is to advertise your online store in your own shop and continue selling on large sites to gain new customers. Create an online and a printed business card for your business, which has your site’s name and url written on it and also add a discount coupon for your website which can be used one or even more times. If customers can choose, they will definitely go with the cheaper solution, which in this case will be your site. Once they are registered to you, all you need to do is to make sure they won’t forget about you. It’s long process but definitely effective.

Every business is different and due to that their customers requirements are not the same either. In order to succeed, you need to make sure that your online presence lives up to these requirements. You can be a dressmaker, a fishmonger or run a drug store, what’s important is to be present and available for your potential customers. Having your own webshop requires money and time at the beginning, but can improve your business and profit to a whole new level, which makes it worth investing into.