Who says it is not important to get to know your software? Well definitely not us. We find it very important that you know how to make the most of what we created for you. Knowing that you are happy, satisfied and can fully use our product means more to us than saving the time we spend on training and explaining everything to you, and turn it into more money.

Free training of how to use and manage your softwares

What kind of trainings can we provide? We adjust the right training to your needs. If you prefer online training through email or skype, we are happy to help. In case you wish to meet us face to face, we can either come to your office where we teach you how to manage your software, or if you have a laptop, we can sit down for a coffee somewhere and go through everything from there. For medium, large sized companies, these sit downs would take too much time with every employee, so we can either train some people out, who will pass their knowledge on to their colleagues or give presentations to employees and answer their questions regarding the usage of software.

The content of the training always vary depending on what your software knows and how refined your admin is, so your training material is fully personalised. Thanks to that if you know that you have parts which you know you are going to need more explanation for, you can just let us know and we adjust it for you.