Why wait for long months or even years for your softwares? Work in a fast paced environment to make sure you can have your app out as soon as possible to make sure your idea won’t get fulfilled by someone else before you or ends up being out of date by the time you can finally publish it.

Fast paced development process

Often projects are time sensitive. Whether you have a deadline by which your project needs to be ready or got an idea which needs to be done as soon as possible before anyone else is on the market, we are here to help you. In cases where the deadline is really thin and even shorter than our time estimation, we can provide express service for extra fee. If you are in a real hurry please mention it in the email or phone when you get in touch with us, so that we know that we need to schedule you as soon as possible.

Short development time is also economical for your wallet. Slow, hour-rated projects tends to get delayed due to time-consuming decisions, wrongly planned development structures and unmotivated employees. With us it is not a problem as we are a family business employed fully by family members, and more projects equals more income. Also we designed this fixed rated, cheap prices to motivate ourselves not to fall behind work. So if your project falls even a bit behind, there is a really good reason for it.