Summer is almost over and most of the festivals has closed their gates. We had a great season thanks to all event organiser, but as one year’s festival is over, the preparation for the next year’s needs to begin. We do know that arranging a festival is a large and complex project with possible complications on it’s way. What if I told you we could make your job easier?

End of the Festival Season

How can we possibly help you? By creating an app which not only informs your customers for the next year’s event, but also help you organise your project.

Imagine how much easier it would be to confirm meetings, change deadlines or check progress through an app which is being used and seen by anyone who is concerned in the matter, rather than spending hours trying to reach the person in charge and get the required information out from them. An app could also include all important datas and informations required for you to do a splending job without remembering any of it. We could create various layers of accesses to different members of your team so that everyone could keep on track with what, how and when they should do and finish in order to not fall behind deadlines. They could also exchange important updates with you and others through different chat groups, so that everyone gets the information first hand.

So what about the app for the customers? Some of the most important functions your apps should contain are information on when and where is your festival, how to get there, venue maps, timetables, online ticket opportunities, service list, blog and a page containing what your festival is about and a short history description. Besides these, there are tons of possible functions, those could make your app irresistible and fun to use.

So what are you waiting for? If you feel inspired, do not hesitate to contact our team and we are glad to chat about your ideas and help you create a useful and ambitious app which stands out from the crowd.