Why do we work for fixed prices?

A fixed price quote with no hidden fees

We prefer to work in a transparent, well planned working pace and to keep our work as straightforward as we can towards our clients, we provide you with a fixed price estimate, so that you can be sure that your software will be up and running no matter what.

With us there’s no such a thing as extra hour charges or wrongly estimated quotes. The prices we give for our projects are fixed and will not change meanwhile. If you decide to add something extra into your software after the original contract has been signed, we give you a price estimate for that extra feature which we will bill out after it is ready and working.

How does the payments needs to take place? Do I need to pay the price in advance?

No, you only pay the 30% of the full price out as a deposit after a contract has been signed. We only ask for the rest 70% after your software is ready to roll. Sound fair doesn’t it?