Why is it so important?
Bugs often comes up after your software has been published and is being used and it is perfectly normal. During development, your softwares are being tested both by yourself and your developers, but even if you spend hours testing your own software, you will not come across the all the problems straight away. Some bugs are easy to miss, others are even invisible until the app or website is in heavy use.

1-year bug free software warranty

Another source of new bugs is browser and platform updates. These updates can cause both minor or major errors in your software. The correction of these errors are also included in our 1 year warranty to save you from these headaches. It is advised to test your software after major updates to check everything works as it should.

Hearing these reasons, surely you understand the importance of having a warranty on your software. When you make enquiry from a company and they do not write on their website if they have a warranty, make sure you ask them for this detail.