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19 July 2016 by Kitty Archer 0 comment

How important it is to know who you are working with?

It is a lot more important than probably most of us think! Honestly I would never thought that I ever have to deal with this topic but after an experience I heard from one of my friends last weekend, has changed my opinion.

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7 June 2016 by Gabriel Archer 0 comment

SQLite vs Core Data

Apple’s CoreData has been a robust datastore solution since iOS3, as we all know. However, I really don’t like it for the reasons I will try to explain here.  The original solution was the SQLite, which is a fantastic datastore for mobile phones, much simpler than the big SQL servers, like Oracle or mySQL, but still a very useful tool.

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GabeArcher - 8 Jun 2016

SQLite vs Core Data

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