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9 May 2017 by Kitty Archer 0 comment

Fast paced development process

Why wait for long months or even years for your softwares? Work in a fast paced environment to make sure you can have your app out as soon as possible to make sure your idea won’t get fulfilled by someone else before you or ends up being out of date by the time you can finally publish it.

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25 April 2017 by Kitty Archer 0 comment

All in one place software solutions

Do everything in one place

Life is always easier if you can get as many work done in one place as possible. That’s exactly what we can provide for you. We can take care of your website, mobile apps, admin, database, APIs, smartwatch apps and gadget apps saving you from all the fuss that comes with juggling between development companies.

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28 March 2017 by Kitty Archer 0 comment

Upgradeable software solutions

‘My software is already out and used and I love but I just realised that I still want to add this and that. Now what?’

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21 March 2017 by Kitty Archer 0 comment

1-year bug free software warranty

Why is it so important?
Bugs often comes up after your software has been published and is being used and it is perfectly normal. During development, your softwares are being tested both by yourself and your developers, but even if you spend hours testing your own software, you will not come across the all the problems straight away. Some bugs are easy to miss, others are even invisible until the app or website is in heavy use.

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9 November 2016 by Gabriel Archer 0 comment

Developing an eCommerce app

Before you jump into creating your own ecommerce mobile app, first of all you need to do your own research of your options and requirements as well as make important decisions. These preparation steps are really important to take as changing plans meanwhile or realising that you do not fit all the requirements can lead to serious delayment in the projects or even cause it to fall apart. This can mean serious fund losses which I am pretty sure everyone wants to avoid.

So what decisions and researches do you need to make before starting the development process?

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