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21 June 2016 by Agnes Nelly Archer 0 comment

Word of mouth in a digital age

Briefcase, filofax, business cards, phone book, address book, photo album, portfolio: our storage systems have got smaller and so have our attention spans. The sense of terror we feel when we misplace our smartphones is part irrational fear of disconnection from our community and part major inconvenience as our brains struggle to hold all this important information in addition to an astonishing quantity of pins and passwords. My phone now is my brain’s hard drive especially come mid-week slump information overload.

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14 June 2016 by Agnes Nelly Archer 0 comment

Is your business Facebook page working for you or are you working for it?

The good news and the bad news about using a Facebook page to promote your business

Social media is nothing new. But does that mean that you understand how to use it successfully to promote your business? Are you sure that the time you are using time posting on your Facebook page is time well spent?

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7 June 2016 by Gabriel Archer 0 comment

SQLite vs Core Data

Apple’s CoreData has been a robust datastore solution since iOS3, as we all know. However, I really don’t like it for the reasons I will try to explain here.  The original solution was the SQLite, which is a fantastic datastore for mobile phones, much simpler than the big SQL servers, like Oracle or mySQL, but still a very useful tool.

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GabeArcher - 8 Jun 2016

SQLite vs Core Data

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