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18 August 2016 by Kitty Archer 0 comment

End of the Festival Season

Summer is almost over and most of the festivals has closed their gates. We had a great season thanks to all event organiser, but as one year’s festival is over, the preparation for the next year’s needs to begin. We do know that arranging a festival is a large and complex project with possible complications on it’s way. What if I told you we could make your job easier?

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2 August 2016 by Kitty Archer 0 comment

How can eCommerce websites make your business successful?

We all know how important online shopping is nowadays. The first place we look up something we really want is the internet. It’s way too convenient not to use it. That’s why it’s so important to have an online presence with online shopping opportunities if you run a shop or a store chain.

But why have my own ECommerce website while I can just sell on Ebay or Amazon?

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19 July 2016 by Kitty Archer 0 comment

How important it is to know who you are working with?

It is a lot more important than probably most of us think! Honestly I would never thought that I ever have to deal with this topic but after an experience I heard from one of my friends last weekend, has changed my opinion.

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7 July 2016 by Agnes Nelly Archer 0 comment

How can an app help you improve your business?

Our team knows really well that the life of a small or medium business is more difficult than a leading, top company's. Every day is a challenge and they have less income, investment, manpower and time to deal with them. Owners and their employees have difficulties with managing daily routines like infinite calls, website updates, paperwork, marketing plans, keeping regular clients and finding new ones.

So what can they do to make their life easier?

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28 June 2016 by Agnes Nelly Archer 0 comment

2016 Design Awards

Zeitgeist businesses understand and move with the spirit of the times in order to truly understand what their customers want and how to deliver it innovatively. The velocity of changes in business and community is breathtakingly inspiring but equally overwhelming. Whether your business is directly related to design and the digital or not, no doubt, it is key that you understand and move with your peers and consumers. The exciting 2016 World DRIVENXDESIGN awards world tour culminates in London on 22nd November and covers innovation from categories spanning from ... to ..., the common theme being the zeitgeist. This is the perfect platform for you to showcase your ideas from this year, to get your name on the world stage and to keep your finger on the pulse.

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